Give your lenses some love this Valentine’s Day

Roses are red, violets are blue, love your lenses and they’ll love you too!

Contact lenses need love and attention throughout the year, not just today. Looking after your contact lenses and following good practice is essential to ensuring that your lenses are able to offer you that love back.

Millions of people enjoy their lenses safely each year, with the vast majority of wearers never experiencing any problems. It’s vital to ensure good practice so you can keep wearing your lenses all year round.

To be a wearer who never experiences problems there are a number of Valentine’s Day presents you can give your lenses today and all year round. Here are some of our suggested dos and don’ts


  • Have regular check-ups as advised by your practitioner
  • Always wash and dry your hands thoroughly before handling your lenses
  • Always rub, rinse and store your lenses in the recommended solution before and after each use Always clean the lens case with solution, wipe with a clean tissue then air-dry after each use by placing the case and lids face down on a tissue


  • Use tap water, or any other water, on your lenses or lens case
  • Sleep in your lenses unless specifically advised to by your practitioner
  • Use your lenses for swimming, hot tubs or water sports, unless wearing goggles
  • Share contact lenses or wear any lenses not specified by your practitioner
  • Wet your lenses with saliva

You can find out how else you can love your lenses by going to our website.

So this Valentine’s Day don’t just think of the chocolates and card(s) you may receive from your admirers, give a thought to your trusty contact lenses, they need your love and care all year round.


P.S Avoid giving your lenses chocolates for Valentine’s Day, they prefer contact lense solution.


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