Why Love Your Lenses

Contact lenses have changed millions of people’s lives for the better.

They are simple, convenient to use and many wearers feel they offer better and more natural all-round vision than spectacles. They can even help people to achieve life-long dreams, such as becoming professional athletes or West End stars!

11-year old Archie recently started wearing contact lenses and explains how they are helping him to play football for his local side Belper Town Juniors FC:

“I’m a goalkeeper and I kind of need to see the whole field. When my team scores I have to wait until my defenders all start screaming ‘yes’ and then I act like I’ve seen it, and I’m going yes!

“It’s not like wearing glasses, with glasses you can see the rims, but with contact lenses it’s just normal, you can see, it’s amazing! Once you put them in, you can’t feel them whatsoever and everything is just normal, it’s clear.”

If they are looked after properly and good hygiene practice are followed, contact lenses are safe. Regular review appointments with your eye care practitioner are advised to ensure your eye health is maintained.
As a refresh on how to look after your contact lenses, you can download our contact lens care guides here.

When contact lenses are not looked after properly, there is a risk of developing eye infections.

In most cases these infections can be treated fairly easily but will require you to not wear your lenses for a short period of time. However, in rare cases a much more serious infection called acanthamoeba keratitis can cause lasting damage with life-changing consequences.


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